LiveWell Women's Retreat

Dillon Beach, California

April 7 - 10th, 2017


An Annual gathering

of women

The weekend you've been waiting for

Each year, sometimes more than once, a group of women from all over the country gather in scenic Northern California to unplug from the busyness (and business) of life to plug into their own peace & freedom. It's moving, it's fun, it's inspiring & it's all deserve it.

This is your permission slip to stop settling & to say yes to living well.


Do you feel like it's time for a change?



You are feeling burnt out, like there is never enough time, that things will be great when _____, So maybe you've read some books, gone to therapy, tried a weekend away with your girlfriends, tried to lose weight, bought a new organizer or started a new workout.

You dream of having a clean slate, a clear mind, direction, answers, connection, purpose, passion, ease with food and fitness.

You want to feel like the boss of your own life.


You're ready to


burnout & overwhelm

with freedom,

peace & direction.


You've been going at it alone. And now we're here to help.  

We created the retreat we wanted to go on & you're invited.


We teach smart, strong, resilient  women sustainable self-care & self acceptance so they can be the boss of their own lives.


Tami: I have been teaching 100% guilt-free self-care since 2009 after experiencing burn out as an elementary school teacher. Since then I have created a yoga & coaching practice dedicated to helping women create their own self-care revolution. 

Nikki: For 5 years I have been teaching women to discover their relationship between food & mood, between self-acceptance & happiness and how to become an expert in themselves. After my own experience with bulimia, depression & low self-esteem, I am committed to helping women find freedom from being at war with themselves. 


We believe women can:

  • be strong and soft
  • be giving and receiving
  • be generous with others and ourselves
  • be powerful and nurturing
  • feel broken and come out stronger
  • be unapologetic for who we are


It all boils down to how we take care of ourselves.




Who is this for?

This weekend is created for women who want to be in charge of their lives. Who want more balance in their lives, who want to say YES when they mean yes and NO when they mean no. 

The LiveWell women are:

  • teachers

  • students

  • nurses

  • working mothers

  • grandmothers

  • corporate women

  • solopreneurs

  • administrators

  • personal chefs

  • stay at home moms

  • graphic designers

  • fitness instructors

  • and you?


This retreat is perfect for open minded women looking for a change. Women who are ready to laugh, relax, let go of stories about self-care being selfish, who want to feel better in their lives and who want to meet like-minded women.

Whatever your situation, this weekend is for women who are ready to take control over creating the life they want to live. It's for women who know deep down that they have so much more to give but also know they can't do that on an empty tank - who no longer want to operate in the zone of survival! This weekend is for those of us who are ready to get back in the driver's seat of our lives by being in charge of how we fuel ourselves (physically, mentally & emotionally) & how we spend our time & energy.

Now the question

Will you say yes?


Rhythm of

the weekend

Workshops & Yoga

Food & Fun

Beach time & Naps





Morning Meditation & Gentle Yoga

Nourishing Breakfast

Morning Workshop

Lunch Break

Free Time (sleep, beach, walk, write, color/paint, vision board)

Dinner & Dessert

Restorative Yoga

Free Time before bed