Do you feel like it's time for a change?



You are feeling burnt out, like there is never enough time, that things will be great when _____, So maybe you've read some books, gone to therapy, tried a weekend away with your girlfriends, tried to lose weight, bought a new organizer or started a new workout.

You dream of having a clean slate, a clear mind, direction, answers, connection, purpose, passion, ease with food and fitness.

You want to feel like the boss of your own life.


You're ready to


burnout & overwhelm

with freedom,

peace & direction.


You've been going at it alone. And now we're here to help.  

We created the retreat we wanted to go on & you're invited.


We teach smart, strong, resilient  women sustainable self-care & self acceptance so they can be the boss of their own lives.


Tami: I have been teaching 100% guilt-free self-care since 2009 after experiencing burn out as an elementary school teacher. Since then I have created a yoga & coaching practice dedicated to helping women create their own self-care revolution. 

Nikki: For 5 years I have been teaching women to discover their relationship between food & mood, between self-acceptance & happiness and how to become an expert in themselves. After my own experience with bulimia, depression & low self-esteem, I am committed to helping women find freedom from being at war with themselves. 


We believe women can:

  • be strong and soft
  • be giving and receiving
  • be generous with others and ourselves
  • be powerful and nurturing
  • feel broken and come out stronger
  • be unapologetic for who we are


It all boils down to how we take care of ourselves.