Who is this for?

This weekend is created for women who want to be in charge of their lives. Who want more balance in their lives, who want to say YES when they mean yes and NO when they mean no. 

The LiveWell women are:

  • teachers

  • students

  • nurses

  • working mothers

  • grandmothers

  • corporate women

  • solopreneurs

  • administrators

  • personal chefs

  • stay at home moms

  • graphic designers

  • fitness instructors

  • and you?


This retreat is perfect for open minded women looking for a change. Women who are ready to laugh, relax, let go of stories about self-care being selfish, who want to feel better in their lives and who want to meet like-minded women.

Whatever your situation, this weekend is for women who are ready to take control over creating the life they want to live. It's for women who know deep down that they have so much more to give but also know they can't do that on an empty tank - who no longer want to operate in the zone of survival! This weekend is for those of us who are ready to get back in the driver's seat of our lives by being in charge of how we fuel ourselves (physically, mentally & emotionally) & how we spend our time & energy.

Now the question

Will you say yes?