What if I sign up and I end up unable to attend? 

There is a non-refundable deposit unless you can fill your spot. 


What if I don’t know anyone there?

Our retreats are very inclusive and everyone leaves as friends. Many of the women have come without knowing anyone and have experienced the most benefits. Or you can bring a friend. 


What if I’m an introvert?

Welcome to the club. We are too, also the property is on 10 acres, we’re at the beach and there is plenty of unstructured time built into the days. 


What if I’m an extrovert?

Great, there are plenty of other people and plenty to do, plus you’d be surprised at how a little alone time you need too. 


I have a special diet and I’m worried about the menu


Totally common and we are well equipped to accommodate. Before the retreat the menu is created based on the group’s dietary needs. We’ve managed it all, we are confident you will feel nourished, satisfied and surprised at how good the food is.


I don’t know if I’m ready, what if I’m not.

We are more than happy to hop on the phone with you. Also, we believe in your ability to make decisions and you can keep what works and leave the rest. This retreat is really open, really fun and really laid back.


What if I don’t like yoga?

Do you like naps? Cool, because it’s more like that than bending into a pretzel