Nikki Stern 

For 5 years I have been teaching women to discover their relationship between food & mood, between self-acceptance & happiness and how to become an expert in themselves. After my own experience with bulimia, depression & low self-esteem, I am committed to helping women find freedom from being at war with themselves. 

Tami Hackbarth 

 I have been teaching 100% guilt-free self-care since 2009 after experiencing burn out as an elementary school teacher. Since then I have created a yoga & coaching practice dedicated to helping women create their own self-care revolution. 




Why we LOVE this

We can each remember a time when we definitely could have used a retreat + the support of other women. We can also remember the time we finally allowed ourselves that experience + went on retreat.

We didn't know each other then, but our reactions were the same: "Why haven't I been doing this all along?!"

For many women the idea of going on retreat seems really indulgent, but we're telling you it's not indulgent, it's necessary.

The LiveWell Retreats we've designed are about connecting to yourself, disconnecting from distraction + practicing personal growth in a really beautiful, relaxing space.


We've got some answers here on the FAQ page.

What past retreat participants are saying:

"It was a lot of fun to really be able to talk and to connect to both Tami and Nikki. I love how both give their prospective of life and being real about it. This shit isn't always sunshine and rainbows and it's always comforting to find out how other people manage and deal with the nitty gritty of real life and acknowledge that sometimes it's just hard."  - Sarah S.


"Tami and Nikki are kind, caring and understanding. They have lived our lives. They know our pain, our hopes, our desires for a more calm and luxurious life. They know this because they have the same feelings as we do. One of Tami and Nikki's strength is that they are not pushy or preachy. Their way of teaching is to introduce an idea, let is settle for a while (while laying down), take some time to process and then if you want share out with others. Knowing I was in a safe and comfortable place to share my feelings, feel my deepest pain and be support by such compassionate women was amazing. That experience makes me want to come back again and again. Thank you!! " - Monica R.